Caseville Community Food Pantry

The Caseville Community Food Pantry is located in the Helping Hands Thrift Shop on Main Street. The pantry serves individuals and families in need who live in Caseville, Caseville Township or Lake Township. The pantry is open every Friday, except holidays, from noon until 3:00 p.m.

All pantry workers are volunteers, including those who drive to Caro to pick up food we purchase from the Food Bank in Flint. All donate their time and energy to assist those who are in need of food and our community assists in this effort. The Caseville and Pigeon Family Markets donate food regularly, and these items are often food items which we cannot buy from the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. Every church in our area helps with financial donations and several take up food collections from their congregants.

We also receive donations from area snowbirds who drop off food items as they leave for the south each fall and early winter. Again, this helps us conserve our funds. During the summer months, area farmers and gardeners drop off fresh fruit and vegetables which are items our clients do not see the rest of the year. Generosity comes from near and far. One of our cottage owners who lives in Okemos, Dave Havrilla, often brings up rolls and breads donated from the Great Harvest and Breadsmith bakeries in Okemos. Our clients love choosing what type of bread they might enjoy…and when we don’t have any? They ask when more might be coming!