Caseville United Methodist Church Trustees want to keep everyone informed on what is happening with our church. The major project is the steeple repair. The church made the decision to have the repairs done at a cost of $60,000. The louvers have been replaced with PVC plastic vents. Attached to the new vents on the backside is a layer of acoustical material and copper mesh. This will help prevent weather elements from getting inside the steeple. The four round windows have been replaced with new glass and PVC plastic casing. New flashing and caulking have been applied to the steeple to prevent leaks. The lightning cable for the steeple was found to be not attached. A new lightning protection system has been installed and certified by the State of Michigan. The stabilizing cables for the top four feet of the steeple were also not attached and new supports have been installed. A Steeple Fund has been established and the church would greatly appreciate donations and prayers to this project.

The Caseville United Methodist is one of the most photographed Church’s in the State of Michigan and this investment will allow this to continue. Thank you for your support.